Here’s an easy trick you can teach your dog in 10 minutes. It comes from Rendy Schwartz, owner and head dog trainer at Anything Is PAWSible in Chicago. It’s called Peek-a-Boo, and she says it’s one of her favorite tricks and one that dogs love to learn.

1. Stand in front of your dog with your back to him, with your legs shoulder-width apart for medium to large dogs. If you have a small dog, you can teach this trick on your knees.

2. Take a treat and lure your dog’s head between your legs. When his head pops through your legs to get the treat, praise with “Yes! Peek-a-boo!” and deliver the treat.

3. Repeat this until your dog starts to associate the word “peek-a-boo” and coming through your legs. You’ll know you’re there when you no longer need to use the treat to lure your dog through your legs.

4. Begin to delay the treat once the dog has come through your legs so he will continue to look up at you and wait for the treat.