Obedience Work


Private lessons are tailored for the busy pet owner with a limited time schedule. These fully customized lessons are based on the temperament of the dog and the goals of the owner. Private lessons take place in our facility or in your home and focus on anything from beginning obedience to off leash distractions and advanced skill work.  Some dogs just need some refinement with their basic skill set, while others are starting from scratch.  We have days, evenings and weekends available, depending on what works for your schedule.


Standard PricingIn-HomeStudio
Obedience$100 (*$90)$80 (*$75)
Behavior Consultations**$135 (*$120)$115 (*$105)
Rescue PricingIn-HomeStudio
Obedience$90 (*$80)$70 (*$65)
Behavior Consultations**$115 (*$110)$100 (*$95)

** Behavior Consultations are 75 to 90 minutes
* Additional session discount

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Inquiry Form