Why choose Anything Is Pawzible?

You are in excellent hands when you choose Anything is PAWZible for your dog training needs. Our team has over 25 years of experience working with dogs and is one of the only facilities in Chicago dedicated to training only!  We pride ourselves on focusing on your individual goals while working closely with our clients to make sure owners are 100% satisfied with our services.

What do I need for classes?

For our group classes, yummy soft treats and a six foot leash is recommended (no retractable leashes). We will work with you to determine what collar is the best fit for your dog. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you are an active participant in our classes!  Please bring your dog’s most recent vaccination records (vet receipts are fine).

Who can participate in classes?

We encourage all family members to get involved and join us (children over 7)! This gives everyone the opportunity to practice new skills with the guidance of our experienced staff.  We recommend that one person takes the lead each class to minimize your dog’s potential confusion.

What methods will you use to train my dog?

Anything is PAWZible focuses on positive reinforcement techniques that help motivate your dog to learn. These motivators range from, treats, praise, toys and even other dogs!

How do I register for classes?

Simply go to our Class Registration tab and follow the simple instructions to secure your spot. You will see the start times, location and instructor for the classes and their available spots. The class will meet at the same time each week for the duration of the series.

Note: You do not need a PayPal account to register and your spot is not secured until full payment is received.


Note: You do not need a PayPal account to register and your spot is not secured until full payment is received.

What happens if I miss a class?

Make-ups are limited in number and due to the high volume of requests, cannot be guaranteed. In order to accommodate a make-up we must have space in another class so please do everything you can to attend your original class date and time. Please contact your individual instructor as soon as possible for best chance at an alternative time.

What about class cancellations and refunds?

We require seven days advanced notice before the start of your class for a full refund or to switch you into an alternative class. Class size is very limited and we must be able to fill your spot. We will attempt to fill your spot with less notice, but must be able to in order to process a refund or change you to alternative class time and date. Private sessions with less than 24 hours-notice will be charged a $40 late cancellation fee.

Where are your classes located?

We are conveniently located at:

3358 N. Pulaski Ave.
2337 W. Lake St. with easy access from the Kennedy Expressway (90/94).
1470 W Hubbard Street
5508 S Lake Park Ave

Easy street parking or designated parking at every location.

How much do classes cost and is a deposit required?

Our 6 and 7 week course are $220-$230 and our 4 week courses are $165 . We require a credit card or full payment up front to hold your spot (MasterCard, American Express, Visa). You DO NOT need a PayPal. You may sign-up as a guest and just enter credit card info. Please provide seven days advanced cancellation notice is required to receive a refund.


Is there a discount if my dog was adopted from a shelter or rescue organization?

We offer a discount on most group classes and privates sessions to our shelter/rescue dogs. $20 off most group classes and $10 off individual sessions is generally applied.

How many dogs are in each class?

We try to limit our class size to 7 dogs/puppies or less. We want to give our clients as much individual attention as possible and limit the distractions to make sure we set your dogs up for a successful training experience!

Are my children able to attend classes?

Well-behaved children over seven years of age are welcome to join our group classes.

Do you offer clicker training classes?

While we do not offer exclusive clicker training classes, we are happy to incorporate clickers in our classes and work with the same concept in our positive training approach.

If I train with food, will my dog work without food? Will food training ruin my relationship with my dog?

“Treat training” or motivating your dog with something positive takes place in the learning phases of  dog training.  Just like people, dogs are motivated by many things.  Our goal is to teach the behavior or exercise to the dog with something that motivates them and then quickly put this reinforcement on a varied schedule so we are never predictable when it comes to rewards.

What if my dog is not motivated by food?

If your dog is not food motivated, we have lots of  other options to get your dog excited about training.  Toys, attention and even other dogs are other possible options we can use for training.  The idea is to get creative and tap into your dogs individual motivators!

Do you offer in-home training or private lessons?

We offer in-home training and private sessions at our studio. Private sessions can be completed in conjunction with a class or without. Private sessions are custom to your needs and schedule!

What is the difference between a private lesson and a behavior consultation?

Private lessons can take place in your home or in our studio and generally focus on obedience exercises and training. Behavioral consultations usually take place where the actual behaviors are occurring. Most of the time this is in the dog’s home environment or neighborhood. Behavioral consults vary widely and can range from separation anxiety, dog and/or people aggression, leash reactivity, fear based anxieties and much more. Owner commitment and severity of the problem dictate how many sessions are recommended.

Do you offer board-and-train or “boot camp” training?

We do not offer “boot camp” or board and train options at Anything Is PAWZible. A great deal of training consists of communication, bonding and learning for both the dog and their owner, which is why we want you to participate in the process. Owner commitment is very important and training your dog will be an on-going process, which is why it is important you are there from the beginning. Training strengthens relationships and that relationship should be yours, not ours!

What vaccinations does my puppy need to attend classes?

Your puppy needs to have started their DHLPP series (it doesn’t need to be complete) and Bordetella is recommended, but not required.

Dogs/puppies need a clear fecal within the last year before attending a group class.

*** Please note that if your dog or puppy is going through treatment or has gone through a treatment for a parasite, worm, bacterial infection or any other illness, they will need an “all clear” from their vet before enrolling in a group class.***