Rendy Speaks Dog! When we brought Kai home from the shelter, we were pretty much lost. But Rendy came to the house (before we were able to join one of her training classes) and taught us what we needed to know. She is brilliant at translating what human words and actions mean to the dog and how to use that knowledge to train your pup–and build an amazing bond. We love Rendy and we love our dog.

~ Jill Pollack and Jackie Loewe

Rendy has been helping us with our girl, Lucy, for over a year and we honestly don\’t know what we would do without her. We\’ve attended several group classes and have learned so much under her tutelage! Lucy has made incredible progress in her obedience and knows all kinds of tricks now. Plus, it\’s been a great way to bond with our rescue pup! During the group classes we\’ve taken, Rendy always provided plenty of individual attention and helped give us tips and practical strategies that were specific to Lucy\’s needs. She uses positive training methods which was important to us and the most effective way to shape Lucy\’s behaviors. In addition to the group classes, we\’ve had a few private sessions to focus on Lucy\’s more difficult issues (significant separation anxiety). Rendy\’s extensive knowledge and experience has been key not only to Lucy\’s success, but to our growth as first-time dog owners. Lucy LOVES Rendy and so do we!

~ Ben, Kristen, and Lucy

Anything Is Pawsible is a great place to bring your pup/dog for obedience classes, from basic to intermediate or advance. You can take a class or take a private session with Rendy to work on specific problems you may have with your dog. We have done numerous classes and a few private sessions. The small class size makes it very easy for you as well as your dog to learn. Rendy teaches you skills that are helpful for you and your dog. After each class or private session, we, including our dog, learned something and we (and our dog) looked forward to going to class or a private session. When you sign up for a class you not only get in-class instruction, you are also provided with written homework instructions so that you can go home and practice what you have learned in class. If you need a good reliable trainer, I highly recommend Rendy at Anything is Pawsible.

It takes a village to raise a Petunia, and we\’re so grateful that Rendy Schwartz is part of our village! Two years ago, we adopted a sweet two year old Jack Russell Terrier rescue. Petunia came to us with severe separation anxiety and we\’d been working with another trainer to no success when a friend recommended Rendy. By the time we met Rendy, we were seriously considering whether we were the right family for Petunia and we were devastated at the thought that we might have to give her back. After one session with Rendy, Petunia started making huge strides. The suggestions she made and the basic training she taught us all made a major difference and Petunia started turning the corner with her anxiety. Rendy has the most incredible, positive energy and Petunia responds to her like no one else. She provided us with incredibly clear direction and demonstration, and she put the responsibility back on us to practice and incorporate all of the training into our daily life with Petunia. She is the kind of trainer who is committed to helping you become self-sufficient as quickly as possible which was not the experience we\’d had with our first trainer. Since those first private sessions, Petunia\’s gone on to take Rendy\’s basic training class where she proudly graduated at the top of her class – something we could have never imagined when she first came to us. We continue to work with Rendy in private lessons as challenges come up. Most recently, she visited us for a session to help Petunia with her on-leash behavior and response towards other dogs while walking. Again, one session and we started to see a big turnaround. Rendy\’s the trainer we will always call, and we couldn\’t recommend her more highly. She has a total gift with dogs and we\’re incredibly lucky to have found her.

~ Heather and Lisa

We could not be more grateful to have found Rendy and Anything is PAWSible! When our 1.5-year old rescue shepherd mix was recovering from a nasty illness, she started showing signs of some pretty major behavioral changes. It felt like overnight she went from a sweet, happy-go-lucky, and well-mannered pup into a tense, reactive misfit who would bark and lunge at anything and everything. Thank goodness a friend recommended Rendy! We worked with her in individual sessions as well as in group classes, and even from our very first meeting, she gave us the tools to understand and start working on Pico’s unwanted behavior. Rendy approaches each session with the needs of the individual dog and handler in mind, and she is adept at reading even the most subtle signals from dog and handler alike. Needless to say, two years, many private sessions, and several group classes later, we routinely receive compliments on our dog’s beautiful behavior. Rendy is always willing to address questions and concerns well beyond the day’s main focus, and her sessions are filled with encouragement and enthusiasm. We’ve had so much fun in her classes that we’ve taken several of them more than once, and we continue to stay in touch whenever we have questions or just want to share the good news about Pico’s continued progress. Gone are the days of dog-walks filled with frustration and scolding. Thanks to Rendy, our relationship with Pico is now one of praise, games, and affection. We feel so lucky to have found such a talented and thoughtful trainer!

When we adopted Tae over two years ago she was quite the sick little puppy. We had to wait a few months to start Rendy’s, highly recommended, puppy class but we are so thankful we did. Tae loves Rendy and she loves to work. Those initial classes not only set the foundation for her training but also exposed her, and us, to other ways to keep Tae engaged. As a border collie mix, we knew that she was intelligent and had lots of energy so we were excited to see firsthand her interest during the introduction to agility and, thankfully, not so much interest in the props brought out to introduce a hospital setting. Both my husband and I have rather inflexible work schedules but Rendy has been more than accommodating, meeting early morning, evening or weekends. Our work with Rendy has been indispensable. Not only is Rendy preparing Tae and I to work in therapy, she also helps with difficult issues that come up as Tae transitions from puppyhood to adolescence. Her unlimited positive energy and enthusiasm is infectious and Tae and I always come out of a session feeling energized and empowered. Since Rendy has guided our training from the beginning, Tae is now a happy, healthy 2 and half year old that we can take anywhere with us. We feel so lucky to have found Rendy and would, and do, recommend her to all our friends (and even some random dogs and people on the street who clearly have not been to Rendy’s classes!).

~  Nora and Tae

I, along with a few of my friends, rescued Ernie, his littermate (and best friend) and their mother from unsavory characters on the South side of Chicago in the summer of 2006. Though, for 24 straight hours, I said \”no\” to keeping any of them, I knew I did have a connection with the little red and white puppy who was shy and needed confidence boosting. Once I made the decision to keep him, I was encouraged to take him to training classes with a woman by the name of Rendy Schwartz. Now, I had worked with dogs for several years, and had my own whom I had trained myself. However, I knew owning a Pit Bull would make me (and Ernie) a target for discrimination, so I decided to sign us up for the puppy class. Admittedly, I entered that class a little cocky since I felt I had a good handle on dog behavior, etc. But, I was truly blown away by the skills and knowledge which Rendy possessed. Needless to say, I continued to sign Ernie up for more classes after that. He completed every level of her training, even, most recently, the Therapy Dog Prep class, which he did very well in! I am still in the business of working with dogs, and I have given Rendy\’s name and information to MANY clients of mine, all of whom absolutely LOVE her, as well. She has such a deep understanding of dog behavior, and her style of training allows you to feel empowered, not idiotic. Ernie and I would repeat all of the classes if we could just so that we could continue working with her.

~ Alycia and Ernie

We have been so happy with our training experience with Rendy and Anything is Pawsible. Our family (including 2 kids) started private lessons for our Australian Shepherd puppy Lewis when he was just 8 weeks old. It was great… within just a couple of sessions, Rendy had us trained and Lewis! She patiently showed us how to teach Lewis new skills. She was great helping the kids to understand how to positively and negatively reinforce the puppy’s behaviors. Every time we’d meet dog owners in the park or around the neighborhood they would comment on how well-behaved and well-trained Lewis is… they couldn’t believe he was just a puppy. Now we have graduated to Rendy’s Advanced Class and Lewis is doing great.

~ Debra and Lewis

My wife and I took our Newfoundland, Roxie, to Anything Is PAWSible for puppy classes. Initially I was adamantly opposed. Years ago a friend trained his black lab on his own. My view was I could do the same with Roxie. Puppy class seemed like a waste of time and money. Ultimately I agreed to go; though I went in with a less than positive attitude. I was dead wrong! We learned essential training skills we use every day. I cannot imagine how lost we would be had we(my wife) not found Anything Is PAWSible. We have a large breed, well over 100 pounds. What a disaster if she were not properly trained. Anything Is PAWSible is great facility with outstanding instructors. We were so happy with the first class so much we immediately enrolled in the second class. We loved the second class so much, and we were so impressed with Rendy, we immediately began home sessions with Rendy. Looking back there was no way I could have done it on my own. The best part about going through the puppy classes and working with Rendy is that I feel like I\’m able to have a better, stronger relationship with my dog. I highly recommend Anything Is PAWSible. Working with Rendy, and the staff at Anything Is PAWSible, has been an excellent experience.

~ Steve, Cori and Roxie

Stella dragged me into Anything is Pawsible in late 2008. Two families had already given up on the buoyant and arresting beauty when I adopted her at eight months. They couldn’t handle her. Neither could I. Emily taught my Basic class. She gave me a method. I asked questions. She had answers. She had experience. I still remember and apply her anecdotes! Stella and I had turned the corner. Then we had Rendy for Advanced Class. I expected a star, someone with as many ways to reach a dog as fingers. She was and is. But she’s just Rendy, in the best way. She built on what Emily taught: a simple, effective, and compassionate way to train your dog. She commands the class as she commands the material. SHE KNOWS DOGS. About a year later, I drove from Chicago to Yucatan, Mexico. Stella rode shotgun. My obedient and trusted companion by my side. My sweetest friend. Anything is Pawsible will open the door. The rest is up to you!

~ Mike and Stella

Wow, game changer. I recently moved to the city from Iowa (think big back yard, huge dog park, quite, etc…) and my dog had some understandable anxieties. She now had no back yard, had to ride a box that brings her to floors in which people and other dogs appear, loud trains and cars… you get the point. To be completely honest, it was also me who was nervous and my dog picked up on this. I couldn\’t bring her to the dog park because she was unpredictable, hard time walking, and a nightmare in the elevator. I found Anything Is Pawsible on yelp, called and spoke with Rendy and we set up a private meeting with Sydney and I. The first meeting Rendy spent time meeting me and my dog and pretty much spent an hour talking about what\’s been going on… don\’t take this for a waste of time, best thing Rendy did was listen and take what she learned and help us. From the initial session, she could see that it was both me and my dog that needed to be trained. Over six sessions and an introduction to a dog daycare, she and I are much more calm and happy. My dog again now loves the dog park, say\’s hi to other \”happy dogs\” and knows how to walk away from a fight. She still pulls a bit and is slightly scared of the train (understandable haha), but overall a wonderful dog that everyone loves. I cannot recommend Rendy enough!

~ Keving and Sydney

I was incredibly anxious before starting training with Anything Is Pawzible. I was convinced that I would never get my wild puppy under control. However, with Mario, Lin, and the team at AiP, I quickly learned that my dog was more than capable of being trained and becoming the best possible version of herself. Since March, we have taken three classes with AiP, and both my dog and I are now more confident and grounded. The transformation has been remarkable, and I couldn’t be happier with the changes I’ve seen!

White sound machine, low lights, consistent sleep schedule. Who knew you can put your pack down for naps throughout the day – and who knew to coincide them with a baby’s sleep schedule!  Judit knows. Judit knows A LOT about dogs, infants, sleep schedules, preparing dogs for a baby’s arrival, guests, and mommy time. But her knowledge is not limited to just babies and their dogs. She is an experienced, dog trainer, who happens to have youngsters and dogs, so hands-on experience helping families to safely and sanely onboard a new baby into your life and your dog(s) life.

Having a sweet 60lb pittie who wants to say HELLO to everyone who walks in the house, and thinks everything in your hand is hers, presented a formula for disaster. And we needed help. As a young dog during the first few years of the pandemic, we didn’t have the opportunity to desensitize Nola to guests arriving in the home. Now when guests enter, she truly believes they want her to jump all over them and sit on their lap – literally, physically! We needed to assure the baby’s safety while allowing the dogs to coexist in his life. And, with a new baby in the home, we need to teach our big girl how to properly welcome guests into the home.

In just two in-home sessions with Judit, homework instructions, lesson summaries and information pieces, we were trained! Not Nola. The humans were trained. Now we have the knowledge to pass on to Nola and our other dogs in order to maintain our happy home and allow our little one to safely grow up with his dogs. After the baby is here for a couple of weeks, Judit will be back for lesson #3 to observe how everything is going. She’ll also set us up for success for baby milestones (verbal, crawling, toddling) that all present whole new experiences for the dogs. She’ll coach us on properly guiding them through these.

Whether you just added a puppy to your family and want to put her on the right path or you’ve adopted an older dog and need to understand and guide your new dog or, like us, you are welcoming a baby into your existing pack of pups, Anything Is PAWZible has a class and/or a trainer for you.

~Anita and Nola

Laura has been working with my coonhound, Anna, and me for the past 7 years. I cannot put into words how Laura’s talent has improved our lives. Anna used to be very scared, shut down, and reactive. She trusted Laura from the very beginning. Our lessons consist of creative courses for jumping, stretching, balancing and cardio workouts tailored to Anna’s needs. Laura now incorporates nosework since Anna is a huge fan. Anna knows when it’s time to go see coach Laura every week and she gets so excited! I truly believe that at 13 years old, Anna is in top shape both mentally and physically, thanks to Laura’s skills, patience and knowledge about working with reactive dogs. Anna and I so lucky to have Laura in our lives!

~Barb and Anna

Mario provided individualized attention to our pup in a busy group full of other energetic puppies! He has a terrific understanding of doggie group dynamics and made sure everyone was playing and interacting safely. Mario kept things fun, lighthearted, and flexible based on our class’ needs. He really gets to know everyone (both humans and canines)! Plus, Poppy Seed Bagel LOVES him!

~Nellie and Poppy Seed Bagel