6 one hour group classes that meet at the same time each week: $230

Recommended age for this class is 9 weeks to 6 months.

We have created a class just for small breed puppies! We still feel that most small breeds will do very well in our open breed puppy classes, but there are a few that are so small that their size can pose a risk when they are still very young. Since socializing them in their early months of development is critical for ALL puppies, we have a created a class just for them! In addition, small dog owners face unique challenges as well. The world is, well, relatively larger to their dogs, so their dog’s perception of situations is different. We will also discuss training and behavior challenges that may be more common in toy and small breed dogs as well as teaching basic obedience commands. The class is limited to pups that will not exceed 20 pounds when full grown and only 5 pups maximum per class.

We now offer Puppy Pro Pak = two private sessions in addition to a group class for $410.00.

Please note that your spot is not reserved until payment has been received in full. Make sure you double check class location as we have classes in multiple locations around the city!

If your puppy is from a rescue or shelter, use coupon code rescue2021 upon checkout to receive $20 discount. Please provide proof of rescue status at first session.

Please note that these classes do not address major behavior problems such as separation anxiety, aggression or leash reactivity.  These behavioral issues need to be addressed with private training consultations before a group class can be considered.