Focused Pawzibilities


4 one hour group classes that meet at the same time each week: $175

  • Would you like your dog to be relaxed yet ready to focus on you, even in a distracting environment?
  • Can you tell when your dog is ready and able to learn or work?
  • Do you set your dog up for success so that they are able to make good choices independently?

Focused Pawzibilities will make sure you can answer “yes!” to each of these questions. This class centers around the relationship between you and your dog and makes use of structured games to build skills critical for relaxation, impulse control, and focus. You and your dog will leave this class as a true team, capable of working with each other and supporting each other in any environment.

Dogs enrolled in this class must have already completed a basic obedience class that includes sit, down, wait, and loose leash walking and would like to prepare for more advanced work. This class is also appropriate for dogs with advanced training experience who would like to strengthen their skills for off leash work and for any dogs interested in or already participating in dog sports such as rally obedience, agility, and nosework or other high distraction environments.

Please note that your spot is not reserved until payment has been received in full. 

This class does not directly address behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, sound sensitivity, reactivity, or aggression. These behavioral issues can be addressed through private sessions. If you are not sure whether this class is right for your dog, please contact the instructor for a consultation. 

Please note that these classes do not address major behavior problems such as separation anxiety, aggression or leash reactivity.  These behavioral issues need to be addressed with private training consultations before a group class can be considered.