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Rendy Schuchat, M.A.
Owner/Founder and Certified Head Dog Trainer

I bring my life-long love for animals together with proven positive dog training techniques that both you and your dog will enjoy. With nearly two decades of professional experience and a Masters Degree in Psychology as well as a Certification in Dog Obedience Instruction from Animal Behavior Training and Associates, I am committed to helping people build and strengthen their relationships with their dogs. At Anything Is PAWZible we offer puppy, basic and advanced dog obedience, tricks, and therapy dog training classes in the downtown Chicago area. Our behavior modification, puppy selection and adaptation lessons through private dog training sessions are also available.

I created Anything Is PAWZible dog training with the family pet owner in mind. Our methods and techniques are positive and fun for both you and your pet! It is never too late to improve your relationship with your pet because Anything Is PAWZible (and I truly believe that)! Due to my loyal clients, I was voted one of the BEST/FAVORITE DOG TRAINERS in Chicago by Chicagoland Tails Reader’s Choice Awards multiple times and was voted Chicago Magazine’s “Best Dog Whisperer” 2015!

Taking into account all the wonderful dog trainers we have in Chicago, I am very proud of this accomplishment! Anything is PAWZible has its very own home in the heart of the city!!! We pride ourselves on being one of the ONLY facilities in the city of Chicago devoted strictly to training and behavior modification. We focus on what we do best!

Yvonne Feeney CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA
Manager of Operations

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Behavior Consultant-Canine
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator 

It was a one year old rescue dog named Sasha who changed her life back in 2007. They immediately began taking much needed training classes where Sasha went on to earn her CGC and Yvonne developed a passion to learn about animal behavior. Yvonne had previously been a volunteer tutor to kids through Cabrini Green Youth Programs and found her combined passion for educating and empowering inner-city youth and instilling compassion for companion animals through Safe Humane Chicago programs. By getting to the root of animal cruelty, pet overpopulation, breaking the cycle of abuse and developing community through the human-animal bond, Yvonne and Sasha, an SHC Ambassador dog, have been volunteering with the SHC Lifetime Bonds Program at IYC for 10 years. Yvonne leads that program as well as their Youth Safety and Violence Prevention (YSVP) program working with YMCA teens at Chicago Animal Care and Control. She is also a former SHC Board member. She volunteers with ALIVE Rescue, heading up their Barn Wranglers group of volunteer dog handlers/trainers. Prior to dog training, Yvonne worked as a lab manager for 15 years at Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Cancer Research Center. She received her bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a graduate of CanineLink Academy. Her certifications require continued learning in the field of animal behavior and she specializes in fear and anxiety issues in dogs. After being involved with Chicago Canine Rescue as a volunteer adoption counselor and foster, she foster failed with a returned pup named Kyle. They do agility where Yvonne also assists in training with Stacey Hawk at Hawk City K9. She also has a cat named Indy.

Joanna Konca
Certified Dog Trainer and Puppy Educator

I have always loved animals and founded American Animal Rescue Society in 2006. Being so involved in rescue work, I see first hand just how many dogs are given up for simple behavioral issues. I decided I wanted to train and help solve behavioral issues people were having with their dogs in order to create wonderful relationships that will last the lifetime of the dog. I’m a graduate of Animal Behavior College and finished an extensive internship with Rendy at Anything is PAWZible. I am currently teaching puppy, basic and basic plus classes and I look forward to working you and your dogs!

Alex Urbanski
Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

My passion for dogs began at a young age. After several years volunteering in shelters and reading books on training, I finally decided to attend Triple Crown Academy. It was at TCA where I learned skills in Basic Obedience, Scent Detection, Protection and Bite Work, Search and Rescue and my personal favorite, Agility. It was also at TCA where I adopted Roxee and Skylar, the dogs I was assigned to train. Skylar began as an abused pup terrified of her own shadow and is now a Canine Good Citizen and won her first Blue Ribbon at her first Agility trial. Roxee was found on the street at 8 months old and is now a Canine Good Citizen and a therapy dog. I spent my last six years at Anything Is Pawzible Chicago working with some of the most difficult behavior cases with an emphasis in aggression and separation anxiety. In January, I moved to Austin where I will continue to work with individual families that need my help modifying their dogs behavior.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time at home with my family, running agility with my dogs, indulging in a good book, a glass of wine and of course, puppy cuddles:-)

Daphne E. Mendoza
Certified Dog Trainer
Behavior Specialist
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Dogs have always been a central part of my life since very young. One of my most fond memories was when my grandfather and I would pick up strays in Mexico City, tend to them and eventually find them homes. This said, you can imagine the assortment of dogs I was able to meet. I knew since then, dogs would play a very important role in both my personal and professional life.

At age 18, I stepped into the pet care industry by starting my own dog walking/pet sitting company to pay for school. Eventually phasing that off, I became a dog handler and eventually manager of a doggy daycare facility, both experiences exposed me to a diversity of dogs and dog behavior. Still, I wanted to learn more. This led me to enroll in FetchFind Academy, a set of courses focused on dog ethology, behavior and most importantly… training! Now a graduate of the program, I am extremely proud to be a part of the Anything is PAWZible crew, where I can apply such skills and knowledge in order to help owners and their pets have a relationship built on trust, positive experiences and success.

When I am not working with other people’s dogs, I am lucky to snuggle with my own two goofy pups. A 12yo schnauzer (Riku), who although diabetic still has a lot of spunk, and a 4-5yo Alaskan Malamute (Ghost) who I found as a stray. Both of these guys have taught me some of the most important lessons in life; be patient, don’t take life too seriously, enjoy the little things, and most importantly, to aspire to be the person they think I am while making the world a better place, one trained happy pup at a time.

Judit,Lilu,Saint (2)

Judit Arroyo, CPDT-KA
Certified Dog Trainer

Judit was only 17 years old when she found herself in over her head with her first dog, Puffy. Always a timid pup, at two years old he became very aggressive and reactive towards people and other dogs. Not willing to give up on her dog and not able to afford training Judit was determined to learn the art of dog training. In 2002 she launched her career as a professional dog trainer when he applied for a dog training internship in one of Chicago’s only training schools at that time and was then hired to be part of their training staff. While other teenagers were hanging out with friends, Judit was spending her Friday nights accompanying her mentor to obedience trials, her Saturdays observing obedience classes, and her Sundays volunteering at shelters and assisting her second mentor certifying therapy dogs.

Fast forward more than a decade and a half, and Judit’s passion for dogs and behavior continues to grow. After receiving her BA in Sociology with a Psychology minor, Judit continued her dog-training career. In her 15 years of hands-on experience, Judit served as Director of Training for a daycare facility in the South-loop for 10 years, led the training program for Animal Career Academy for 6 years, and served as the dog/handler-team test evaluator for Sit Stay Read for 10 years. She writes about dog behavior and two of her articles have been published in The APDT Chronicle of the Dog. Judit’s Reactive Dog class was modeled in The APDT Chronicle of the Dog, and she was the on-set trainer for the forthcoming movie, Beast. She has competed in Rally-O, CPE, and AKC Agility with her Miniature Aussie, Lilu Manai. In addition, Judit has co-authored a manuscript for dog trainers on working with human clients. Judit has also written a manuscript on training urban dogs, and one on troubleshooting problematic dog behaviors.

Education is a big part of Judit’s passion and commitment to the welfare of dogs. She currently sits on the board for the Inner Pup Org as their behaviorist, and travels yearly to New Orleans to volunteer in their three-week education program at local schools. When she is not teaching, blogging, or training, Judit enjoys weekly trips to the forest preserve with her dogs, Lilu and her adopted American Bulldog, Saint. She enjoys her daily fetching outings with Lilu and sign language training with Saint, who is deaf. You can also find her posting photos and running Lilu and Saint’s Instagram page. Puffy lived 15 wonderful and happy years- he will always remain Judit’s inspiration to learn and help other people who find themselves in the same boat she was 16 years ago.


Jennifer Hunter
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA

Jennifer’s love of dogs began at an early age, with her first family dog, Lassie-an incredibly sweet & tolerant Bassett/Beagle mix. For much of her adolescence, she dreamt of becoming a vet-& spent her 2nd grade career day at a local pet store. But college & early adulthood led her down a different path-in which she earned a B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University, dabbled in acting-& eventually became a certified Massage Therapist.

After leaving the profession of massage therapy in 1998, Jennifer was eager to welcome dogs back into her life. Among the variety of jobs she held while in this transition period, was dog walking. Jennifer began her career working with dogs by becoming “dog nanny” to Calvin the Wonder Dog. That job soon blossomed into a full-time dog-walking & petsitting business-& in August 1999, “A Walk in the Park! of the North Shore”, was born. Jennifer built a thriving business in the Evanston area-eventually adding doggie daycare & overnight dog-sitting to the services her business offered. The knowledge & experience she gained while caring for these marvelous creatures, led her to explore training as the next leg of her amazing journey with dogs!

Shortly after adopting her rescue puppy, Hannah, in the summer of 2012, Jennifer began an apprenticeship program with another trainer in the Chicago area-& eventually became a trainer on staff. In this position, she acquired a comprehensive understanding of dog behavior & force-free training methods-which she utilized while working with clients & their dogs on a wide variety of training & behavioral issues, in both private & group class settings. She joined the Anything Is Pawzible family in the spring of 2016-where she is thrilled to be part of a truly amazing group of trainers. Jennifer is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to improve her skills & knowledge-& for each new opportunity to help dogs & their humans build a better relationship with each other!

Alison (2)

Alison Doubleday, PhD, UW-AAB, CPDT-KA,CCUI
Certified Dog Trainer

A lifelong animal lover, Alison entered the training world thanks to her two Australian Cattle Dogs, Fox and Rocket. Both Fox and Rocket participated in group classes at Anything is Pawzible when they were first adopted.  Helping these two rescue pups work through various challenges and making sure they feel safe and happy in the world has been an inspirational experience and has impacted every aspect of Alison’s life. In 2017 Alison decided to explore her interest in dog training further by enrolling in and completing a certificate program in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington. This experience, combined with her background in anthropology and genetics, as well as over a decade of experience teaching anatomy to medical and dental students, reinforced Alison’s passion for education and for the scientific underpinnings of positive reinforcement and force-free methods. She is committed to this evidence-based approach to behavioral training and behavioral modification and is excited to be a part of the Anything is Pawzible team. When she is not working, Alison enjoys playing guitar, knitting, and participating in agility and nosework classes with Fox and Rocket.


Andrew Donnelly
Certified Dog Trainer

Andrew has been a dog walker for over seven years, serving River North, Streeterville and Gold Coast. After attending Fetch Find Academy’s training program, he became a Field Operations Manager for Chicago Pet Sitters where he trained staff members in safe-handling techniques. His passion for training and educating dog owners stems from a cynopraxic philosophy: enhancing the human-dog relationship and improving the dog’s quality of life.

Maria T

Maria Triolo
Certified Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA

From childhood, dogs were always an intricate part of Maria’s life. However, in 2008, it was a young rescue named Lola who set her on this trajectory in the dog training and behavior arena.   As Maria began her quest to better understand Lola’s needs and learn how to best help them both navigate through life, a whole new fascinating world was discovered.  She began by studying several books on canine language and behavior and attended numerous professional seminars and workshops.  She also volunteered at Chicago Animal Care and Control and Safe Humane Chicago where she had the opportunity to work with a variety of different dogs and programs that harnessed the human-animal bond for the betterment of individuals and community.

In the meantime, Lola, along with Maria’s second dog, Lucia, participated in training classes including Agility and Nose Work.  After attending Therapy Dog training at Anything is Pawzible, Lucia was certified as a Therapy Dog with Canine Therapy Corps in June of 2013.

In 2014, Maria enrolled in Canine Behavior Institute where she got her certification in Canine Training and Behavior with a second certification in Animal Assisted Therapy.

Currently, Maria still volunteers in Safe Humane Chicago programs and is the Ambassador Dog Coordinator. She also continues to volunteer with Lucia at Canine Therapy Corps and is the Program Leader at Lawrence Hall and Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Although Lola has since passed, her legacy lives on in Maria’s new pup, Vinnie, a young German Shepherd Dog who continues training in Agility and competes with her in Nose Work trials.

Laura K

Laura Krill
Professional Dog Trainer

There hasn’t been a time where animals weren’t a part of Laura’s life. She grew up with a dog and a cat, had an amazing rabbit, and to her mother’s dismay, even some mice. Laura always wanted to surround herself with animals, so her first job, at 16, was working as a kennel assistant for her local vet. She moved to Chicago after college, and for the last 18 years, Laura has worked in the Veterinary field. She started as a Veterinary Assistant and Office Manager for a practice on the North side. For the last 8 years, she’s been working in the field of Canine Rehabilitation. In addition to being certified in canine rehabilitation, she’s finishing her certification in canine massage therapy.

Laura is active in the rescue community with fostering being one of her favorite roles. She’s fostered over 30 dogs and through this has seen so many different personalities and behaviors. There’s nothing more special to Laura, then seeing the turn around of a foster dog who was shy and shut down. She loves when they “learn to be a dog, again!” Because of her interest in behavior and training of her own dogs and her foster dogs, Laura felt that there was room to add another skillset. To complete all things canine, she started interning and observing classes at Anything is Pawzible, in May. She is excited to learn the science behind training, and loves to see the pride that the owners have when they bring their smart pups through our doors!


Elizabeth Emelene Jefferis, VSPDT
Certified Dog Trainer

Elizabeth Jefferis grew up on a horse farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania training, competing, and hunting with her family’s hunter/jumper horses. Teaching has always been so rewarding for Elizabeth, from college sociology professor to property rehab mentor to certified yoga instructor to dog trainer. (Don’t tell anyone, but “dog training” is really “people training.”) She has been teaching private and group clients for several years and enjoying it all!

Elizabeth is VSPDT certified through the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior, a rigorous program including hands-on practice, mentoring, online and in-class lessons, subject-matter expert lectures, and extensive examinations. As a VSPDT degree-holder and Fear Free Certified trainer, Elizabeth engages in positive training methods designed to build people’s relationship and communication with their dogs.  Currently, she is working towards attaining her Certified Behavior Consultant Canine-Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA®), an advanced certification offered by CCPDT for dog trainers who offer canine behavior modification. Elizabeth is also working on her PhD in human-animal interaction from University of Chicago after attaining her master’s degree in sociology, also from U of C.

When not training other pupkids, Elizabeth is busy training her own working dog, Desdemona von Fidelis. Desi holds advanced tricks dog titles and scent work titles. Elizabeth and Desi are also part of K9 Search & Rescue teams in Illinois and Indiana. Every weekend, Elizabeth and her husband participate with Desi in K9 SAR team trainings, preparing to assist law enforcement in finding lost persons.


Justyna Buettner
Office Manager
Intern Dog Trainer

Justyna has fostered and helped rescue several animals since her early 20s and is currently enrolled in the Animal Behavioral College to become a certified dog trainer. When not at work she likes to spend time with her three kids, her fur babies Cooper (dog) and Ziggy (cat) and her reptile babies Ocho (bearded dragon), Pearl (snake) and Brazilian black tarantula. She also loves to go hiking, camping, on road trips to new places and take on new adventures.


Sam Grzeskiewicz
Professional Dog Trainer

Animals have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up with rescue pups, horses and everything in between so finding myself heavily involved in rescue and training as an adult came as no surprise.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked in both education and rescue with a focus on supporting those who need a little extra help. For the past 5 years I have led the adoption and foster programs at a local rescue where I have worked closely with adopters, fosters and volunteers to provide training and support to help pups in our program as well as their humans. The more pups I have worked with, the more passionate I became about training since it is essential to the  development relationships between dogs and their humans.  I especially love working with the “quirkier” pups who have some extra challenges and helping them be their very best through training.

Since a big part of my background is also in teaching, I find my experiences in that field and my time in rescue helps to translate training programs that are successful and easy to follow.

When I’m not working with other people’s pups, you can find me going on adventures with my own foster fail Brewster – we love to explore all the parks and outdoor spaces around the city and eat all the snacks along the way.


Tamara Gansz
Certified Dog Trainer, Owner of Pets-Chicago

Tamara Gansz has been obsessed with dogs since her earliest days.  While her degree is in Art History, she started Pets-Chicago, a dog walking company, in 2003 and has been humbled and learning every day through the beauty of the animals she cares for.  Leeloo, Jinx and Sevro are Tamara’s three rescue dogs and each has been a beacon for her to dive deeper and learn more.  Leeloo, a therapy dog with Canine Therapy Corp, started and learned all of her fundamentals through Anything is Pawzible and for Tamara, the ultimate success was being able to be a part of AIP’s team.  There is not a day that goes by where dogs aren’t at the epicenter of Tamara’s universe (much to the chagrin of her husband and two wonderful teenagers).  18 years of dog walking and boarding gave Tamara the landscape to see the amazing complexity of dogs and training is a stepping stone to communicate and understand our furry companions on a deeper level.