Polish, Proof and Practice Pawzibilities


4 one-hour group classes that meet at the same time each week: $165


Does your dog know basic obedience but is not quite ready for advanced level training? This class was designed to help you refine your dog’s skillset, cues and commands. Dogs should have basic knowledge of the following obedience commands; sit, down, come, loose leash walking, wait and stay. We will focus on“proofing,” commands and practicing in different environments and situations until your dog generalizes the desired behavior and can do it anywhere, even with distractions!


The class will emphasize fading off treats/lures and concentrate on both verbal and non-verbal cues. This class will help you build confidence in your connection with your dog, while challenging you at the same time!


Classes are kept small (6 dogs maximum) to reduce distractions and increase lots of individual attention!

Pre-requisite: Graduate of a Basic or Basic Plus obedience class.

Please note that your spot is not reserved until payment has been received in full.

Please note that these classes do not address major behavior problems such as separation anxiety, aggression or leash reactivity.  These behavioral issues need to be addressed with private training consultations before a group class can be considered.