Rendy Schuchat, M.A.
Anything Is Pawzible

For Rendy Schuchat, helping dog owners housetrain their canine friends is all in a day’s work. Schuchat is the Owner and Founder of Anything is Pawzible and has a master’s degree in psychology. She is also a certified dog trainer. Anything is Pawzible has three training locations in Chicago; consult the company’s website for contact information. The company offers classes for puppies, therapy dogs and behavioral work.

Don’t Give Your Dog Too Much Freedom Right Away

It might be tempting to let your new puppy or dog roam inside your house soon after their arrival. However, Harris advises against giving dogs too much freedom upfront. “If you give the dog too much freedom too fast, they develop bad habits. When owners bring a dog into (their) home and give them free access, the dog finds new places to go to the bathroom,” she said. “Until you know the dog’s habits, you should keep them contained in a room for a certain period of time with baby gates and watch the dog’s habits.”

Be Aware Of New Behaviors

A housetrained dog having accidents in the house is new behavior that should not be taken lightly. “If it’s a new behavior, I would consult my vet right away,” Harris said. “A lot of dogs will have anxiety issues. Write down when it’s happening. Is the dog having anxiety when you’re not home? If it’s happening right in front of you, then I would start with a call to the vet,” she said.

Keep A Diary

When it comes to housetraining, Schuchat recommended using a paper log to keep track of a dog’s potty time. “When does your dog tend to go? You’ll see a pattern if you keep their schedules routine,” Schuchat said. If an accident happens, she noted “It’s likely you did something different, and you and your puppy were on a different schedule.”