Private sessions are designed to be as flexible and as custom as you would like them to be. Privates are sessions are divided in to two categories, obedience and behavioral work.

During our obedience sessions, we will design a program based on your dogs individual needs and take their obedience skill set to the next level.

Our behavioral sessions focus on problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, and usually require an in-depth consultation before work can begin.  Owners are directly involved in this process and a team commitment is a must.

Pricing for Obedience:

Standard PricingIn-HomeStudio
Obedience$100 (*$90)$80 (*$75)
Behavior Consultations**$135 (*$120)$135 (*$120)
Rescue PricingIn-HomeStudio
Obedience$90 (*$80)$70 (*$65)
Behavior Consultations**$115 (*$110)$100 (*$95)
Phone Consultations60 Minutes30 Minutes

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