Does your child want to be more involved in training the family dog!? Is it time to give your kids more responsibility when it comes to the pooch they desperately had to have?! These upbeat, fun classes use positive training methods that allow your child the opportunity to train and bond with the family dog. It’s a great confidence booster for the kids, while providing a manners refresher course for the family dog. We’ll cover basic obedience commands, a few fun tricks and a graduation celebration that both your dog and children will love! All dogs (five months and older) must be people and dog friendly. This class is appropriate for children ages 8 and up. We do request that a parent or guardian accompany their children to each class.

6 one hour group classes that meet at the same time each week:$210

****Please note that these classes do not address major behavior problems such as separation anxiety, aggression or leash reactivity.  These behavioral issues need to be addressed with private training consultations before a group class can be considered.****