We now offer phone consultations for clients that have a behavior problem or training concerns, but cannot schedule an in-home training session due to distance, schedules or other logistical constraints. Our behavior specialists have a wide knowledge base of dog behavior problems and in some situations, a phone consultation can provide quick and efficient insights and solutions to modify unwanted behavior. In some cases, the use of videos, Skype or Facetime can provide key information when identifying potential problems and help find solutions. While nothing can replace the value of an in-person training session, these phone or video conference consultations can be invaluable tools, bridging dog owners towards long-lasting solutions using force-free, positive dog training methods.

Here are some of the many behavior problems that we can help with via phone:

  • new puppy concerns
  • house training and crate training
  • aggression (toward people, dogs or other animals)
  • anxiety and phobias
  • new dog integration

Thirty-minute session are $30 and sixty-minute sessions are $60. Please fill out our inquiry form and request Phone Consultation under training request section.