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Second to None: Chicago Magazine Names ‘Best Of’ Winners

Chicago magazine Senior Editor Lauren Williamson shares some highlights of the ʺBest of Chicagoʺ 2015 edition on Chicago Tonight.  ...
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Ask A Chicago Expert: Tips For House Training Your Dog

Rendy Schuchat, M.A. Anything Is Pawzible www.anythingispawzible.com For Rendy Schuchat, helping dog owners housetrain their canine friends is all in a day’s work. Schuchat is the Owner and Founder of Anything is Pawzible and has a master’s degree in psychology....
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Behind the Brand: Pet Service Gurus

t seems like you can’t go more than a few blocks without passing a pet store, groomer, doggie daycare, vet office, or some other kind of pet-related business. But once upon a time, not too long ago, there were a...
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Rendy Schuchat at Anything Is Pawzible

A behavioral specialist helping troubled pooches, including the pampered fur babies of celebrities and wealthy Gold Coasters, Schuchat uses positive reinforcement (treats, toys) to ease everything from separation anxiety to aggression. Her secret sauce includes extensive discussions with and involvement...
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(LIFE WITH PETS) Put down the choke chain, and bust out the doggy biscuits. The University of Pennsylvania has linked aggressive training methods used by dog guardians to canine behavioral problems. Guardians who use confrontational, punishment-based techniques received more aggressive...
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How your dog can help other people

When you bring a dog home, the hope is the new addition will enrich your life. But more pet owners are volunteering their dogs to share their talents, abilities and love with others. As a therapy dog, your pet can...
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Teach an old dog a new trick

Here’s an easy trick you can teach your dog in 10 minutes. It comes from Rendy Schwartz, owner and head dog trainer at Anything Is PAWSible in Chicago. It’s called Peek-a-Boo, and she says it’s one of her favorite tricks and one...
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